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Info for Homeowners

Building or renovating a home can be exhilarating and rewarding with an exciting new home to look forward to. We also understand that it can be at times be a stressful process.  Construction Matters aims to minimise the stressful effects of the build by providing

  • detailed information
  • clear and effective communication
  • accurate costings and time frames
  • innovative and practical solutions to building design details.

We offer the following services to Home Owners:

Full Service Design and Construct Packages

For the smaller project we can provide the complete service including plans, council submission documents and lodgement at council. We can provide budgets and fixed price contracts prior to lodgement at council so that you know what the project will cost before it is approved. Once approved we can provide a certifier and get the structural engineering and other necessary plans and documents including the Construction Certificate. Once the project is completed we can arrange for the Occupation Certificate.

For the larger design and construct package we can arrange for you to meet with one of a number of architects and designers with whom we work. They can take you through the design stage, we can provide costing to ensure the budget requirements are met. Once designed and approved, we can provide a fixed quotation for the construction.

Owner Designed Projects

We will work closely with your architect or designer, if the project design and approval process completed. We can provide lump sum quotations based on the documents that they or you provide. We provide a very detailed quotation so that you know what is and is not included in our quotation. It takes a considerable amount of time to prepare a detailed quotation so we need to know that you want to build and appoint a quality builder. We provide our initial quotation free of charge.

At Construction Matters we pride ourselves on delivering a superior quality build, excellent communication and a friendly and open working environment to take the stress out of building.